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February 19, 2018

All About Dollies

A dolly can either be an upright hand truck with 2 wheels or a platform style piece of equipment with 4 wheels. Both types are incredibly versatile and make light work of moving items that are too heavy to carry, either at home or in the workplace.

Commercially, they’re an excellent choice for workshops, offices, and supermarkets, where heavy or bulky items need to be moved around regularly.

Our dollies

You’ll find a great range of affordable and high -quality dollies on our website which are suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

4-wheel dolly

A 4-wheel dolly is usually made of hard wood, and it often has carpet, rubber, or foam on the ends to protect any items being moved from scratches and other damage. This also helps to keep the item firmly situated on the dolly without slipping.

Swivel wheels make it easier to manoeuvre and these are generally very durable. Our dollies range from basic models designed to move fairly light goods to heavy duty models that can carry heavy loads. Our connect n roll dollies can even lock together to provide a bigger platform for larger and heavier goods.

2-wheel dolly

This is known as a sack truck or hand truck and it’s an upright truck with 2 wheels and a handle. They’re excellent for moving appliances and boxes, so they’re a great choice for delivery drivers. The models available range from basic to heavy-duty, and they’re designed to be loaded with goods, tipped back, and rolled, so you have a lever to lift heavy goods. This equals much less effort and less potential for strain when you’re moving things.

Basic models are lightweight so they’re great for moving boxes, and the trucks that are geared towards lifting heavier items will usually have wider tires, a wider platform, or a built-in strap.

Some trucks are designed to be able to negotiate stairs with ease, and they’ll make moving items up and down a ramp much easier too.