5 Tips for Handling Drums Safely

If a big part of your business is handling drums, it’s not only important that your employees know how to handle them safely, they also need to be aware of how to safely handle what’s inside of them. Here are our 5 tips for handling drums safely.

Always use proper equipment to lift and move drums

Trying to lift and move drums by rolling them on and off pallets or trucks is unsafe and increases the risk of injury and accidents. Crush injuries to the feet, and musculoskeletal injuries to the back and hands occur when manual handling aids are not used. A drum lifter would be an ideal piece of equipment for risk-free drum handling.

Secure drums when they’re being moved on forklifts

Imagine you’re carrying four drums on a forklift truck and all of a sudden you have to stop. The drums will go flying if they aren’t secure. This can injure someone or cause damage to other equipment or fixtures and fittings. Consider investing in a mechanical forklift attachment for drums to prevent them from going astray.

Inspect pallets before you use them for drums

If you stack drums on old rickety pallets, splinters or nails can cause punctures and leaks. If you’re using pallets, make sure the ones you use are strong, level, and free from sharp edges.

Be aware of what’s in the drums-and act accordingly

Many products that are stored in drums are corrosive or flammable. Always consider this when thinking about how to handle them safely. For example, if you are handling drums that contain flammable substances, make sure the handling equipment you are using won’t cause a spark.

Make sure employees are trained in how to safely handle drums

Many manual handling accidents and injuries could be avoided if the correct safety procedures are followed. Employees should be given comprehensive training on how to handle drums safely and how to use any manual handling equipment.