Monthly Archives: July 2019

The Most Offensive Foods You Can Eat in the Office

It’s a hot day in the office and you’re up against some tight work deadlines, so you’re going to have to have lunch al-desko. But when you crack open your containers, are your workmates still going to be your friends afterwards? What I’m getting at is that unspoken plea from everyone that works in a […]

The Worst Excuses Employees Have Given When Ringing in Sick

We all know the feeling. Monday rolls around all too quickly and the alarm goes off. You consider putting on your best ‘sick’ voice and telling your boss you’re just far too ill to venture in today. But then the guilt hits-for some people anyway. A previous study of 1000 employees and managers by a […]

Things To Do At Work Before You Go On Holiday

You’re counting down to your holidays. Two weeks in the sun without a care in the world. This is how it should be, but do you find that you spend at least some of your precious downtime stressing about work? Whether it’s thinking about something you forgot to do, something you didn’t quite finish on […]