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Industry Focus News
Will Robots Take Over Your Job?
June 26, 2019

In these days of austerity and Brexit, job security is becoming less common, and it seems there’s one more challenge on the horizon for some people – artificial intelligence. Robots can perform tasks faster and more efficiently than a human being, so jobs that are highly-repetitive and that don’t need specialist training might be prone […]

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Advice & Tips News
How to Introduce a Cycle to Work Scheme in Your Business
June 18, 2019

  Look around the UK’s towns and cities now and you’ll see more cyclists than ever before. The legacy of the London Olympic Games, the success achieved by Britain’s Elite cyclists, as well as a desire to be healthier and reduce carbon emissions has led to an upsurge in people leaving the car at home […]

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Advice & Tips Industry Focus
Welcome to the Office of the Future
June 12, 2019

You can never stop the hands of time, and the constant changes we’re faced with both at home and in the workplace. Ever wondered what the future might bring for your workplace? (no, we don’t mean Brexit-related concerns). Here’s what the workplace of the future might look like. You’ll be able to attend a meeting […]

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Advice & Tips
How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in the Office This Summer
June 3, 2019

While the summer is a welcome prospect for most of us, if you work in a stuffy office or a poorly-ventilated workplace, it can be a time of the year you dread. You travel to work in a boiling hot car, or on a packed train and arrive in the office with your clothes stuck […]

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