Monthly Archives: June 2018

How to Store and Handle Cylinders and Drums Safely Cylinders and drums are frequently used in industry to store compressed gases and toxic or flammable liquids. You might not think that the contents of a single drum or cylinder can cause harm but actually it can. This is why they need to be stored and […]

How to Keep Your Warehouse Secure Warehouses hold a lot of valuable stock so they can be a target for thieves. Around 20% of all crimes record in the UK are thefts or other offences against businesses, so it’s important that you put measures in place to protect your property and stock. Assess the risks […]

The Biggest Warehouse Problems and How to Solve Them If you run a warehouse, it’s crucial that you’re efficient and organised to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Like any business, there are pitfalls you’ll come across, but we’ve put together some handy tips to help you overcome them. The problem: Lack of space […]