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Trolleys Aren’t Just for the Warehouse

Trolleys Aren’t Just For The Warehouse   When you think of trolleys and trucks, what comes to mind? It’s probably the warehouse, where big, heavy loads need to be moved to and from various places; it’s the place where the goods and equipment are shipped out. But trolleys have other uses too, and if you […]

The History of the Hand Pallet Truck

The History of the Hand Pallet Truck   Can you imagine a world without a hand pallet truck within it? It may not sound like such a dire set of circumstances, but when you stop to consider just how much they are used in all industries across the world, managing without them would make life […]

Different Types of Pallet Truck

Different Types Of Pallet Truck   A pallet truck is a pallet truck is a pallet truck, right? Well… no. Not quite. Although we may think of pallet trucks are being the go-to piece of equipment for moving anything and everything around the warehouse, yard, and even lorries, there are different types. Each different kind […]