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February 26, 2019

14 Weird Workplace Accidents That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

You might think that workplace accidents are no laughing matter, until you see the responses given in a survey carried out by the good people at Office Genie, who asked ‘What’s the weirdest injury you’ve obtained at work?’

Here are some of our favourite responses. We can’t promise you won’t feel a bit evil laughing at some of them!


  1. “I was tripped over by a colleague and I landed in my lunch”


  1. “I was stapled to my desk by a co-worker.”


  1. “I stabbed myself with a screwdriver and there were no plasters so I had to use masking tape and toilet roll to stop the bleeding.”


  1. “I got a staple in my bum after having to carry out an emergency trouser repair.”


  1. “I trapped my hand in my own desk drawer.”


  1. “I sprained my wrist throwing rubbish in the bin.”


  1. “I slipped on a ‘non-slip’ floor.”


  1. “I stapled myself to some paper.”


  1. “I tripped over and grabbed onto a cactus.”


  1. “I dropped a piece of equipment on my foot and it missed the steel toe cap in my shoes and broke my toes further back.”


  1. “I almost strangled myself when my tie got caught in a shredder.”


  1. “I managed to strangle myself with some fairy lights.”


  1. “I dislocated my thumb when part of the building came off in strong winds and I had to stop it hitting parked cars outside.”


  1. “I slipped on some ice on my way back from the coffee van. I saved my coffee but my shoe ended up about 50 metres away.”


Hopefully, some of those weird and wonderful incidents managed to make you laugh. Maybe now you’ll think twice about going near a shredder when you’re wearing a tie!