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SKU: stepatruck

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step a truck


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A 2-in-1 solution for the workplace and home, this Step-A-Truck can be used as either a step ladder or a sack truck to complement the job at hand. A versatile piece of equipment for smaller offices, workshops, retail stores, and even the home, it is available with your choice of two or three treads, and it folds down neatly for storage and transport when not in use.

For manoeuvrability, this multipurpose Step-A-Truck is equipped with 2 x 100mm wheels that glide across smooth floor surfaces with ease. To use as a step ladder, simply fold the wheels inwards and open out the frame out to release the tread plates. To use as a sack truck, fold out the wheels, close the frame so that the tread plates are positioned flush against the frame, and open out the toe plate. It’s really that simple.

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Sack truck toe plate size 390 x 280 mm

Step tread size 375 x 210 mm

Total weight load capacity as sack truck 60 kg

Total weight load capacity as step ladder 150 kg

Product Codes: FMS82Y, FMS83Y

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