Pneumatic Wheel

When it comes to moving heavy loads, Pneumatic Wheel Sack Trucks come into a league of their own. Robust, resilient, and designed to offer greater manoeuvrability when moving heavy items, they remain a popular choice for busy warehouses, factory floors, agricultural environments, and industrial sites where heavy lifting forms part of the working day.

In the Trucks & Trolleys Pneumatic Wheel Sack Truck Collection, we stock multiple models from leading manufacturers. 2-way trucks, 3-way trucks, folding toe trucks, tough terrain trucks, and white goods sack trucks are all available in our pneumatic sack truck range, with prices to suit every budget.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, Pneumatic Wheel Sack Trucks glide across all terrains with minimal effort, even when full to load capacity; making them an investment for any working environment that involves heavy lifting. Browse our collection today and improve workforce productivity with a professional pneumatic wheel sack truck.

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