Heavy Duty

When it comes to heavy lifting, our Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks are in a league of their own. Suitable for transporting pallet loads weighing up to 5000kg, these top-quality trucks offer huge lifting capabilities; making them an investment for demanding working environments such as warehouses, factories, distribution centres, loading bays, and manufacturing facilities.

Easy to navigate and manoeuvre, even when full to load capacity, our Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks speed up loading and unloading times to improve workforce productivity. They remove the need for heavy lifting in the workplace, and therefore reduce the risk of lifting related injuries, and they are easy to operate with minimal training.

A workday essential for warehouse operatives and distribution workers, Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks make light work of ultra-heavy pallet loads. Browse the Trucks & Trolleys Heavy Duty Pallet Truck Collection today and give your teams the tools they need to make your business more profitable.

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