General Purpose

As the name suggests, General Purpose Pallet Trucks suit a wide range of jobs. A popular choice for smaller warehouses, factories, loading bays, distribution centres, and supermarkets, they are vital for smooth operation in professional working environments where pallets and heavy loads are moved throughout the working day.

In the Trucks & Trolleys General Purpose Pallet Truck Collection, you’ll find top-quality pallet trucks to suit every budget, including braked pallet trucks, galvanised pallet trucks, quick-lift pallet trucks, and stainless steel pallet trucks. All our pallet trucks are equipped with steering wheels and castors for enhanced manoeuvrability across all terrains, and they include ergonomic trigger handles for improved navigation in tight spaces.

Suitable for shifting loads of up to 2500kg, our General Purpose Pallet Trucks can help save time and money by removing the need for manual lifting, and so they are an investment for any business that transfers goods.

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