Container Trucks

Container Trucks are ideal for picking orders, collecting stock, delivering mail, and transporting everyday essentials in the workplace such as tools, supplies, and components. An investment for workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, factories, manufacturing facilities, and catering companies, they are made from quality materials, fully mobile on swivel wheels, and available in a choice of sizes and designs to complement every business.

In the Trucks & Trolleys Container Trucks Collection, you’ll find the latest models from leading UK brands. Mobile tray racks, multi-trip container trolleys, small parts storage tray racks, tote pan trolleys, container storage trolleys, and folding container trolleys are all available in our exclusive online range, along with a vast selection of coloured trucks for colour-coded environments.

A portable workstation for picking orders, collecting stock, distributing components, transporting items, and delivering mail, Container Trucks are highly versatile and require minimal maintenance. All our container trucks are made from top-quality materials and delivered with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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