Stay Safe When Using Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are used for storing, handling, and transporting goods in factories, warehouses, and in many other industries.

Warehouses and factories are busy places, and having safe and suitable equipment is a must. Efficiency is paramount for businesses who handle a lot of goods, and safety is important for compliance with the law and for workers who have to operate equipment.

pallet truck safety

What causes accidents with pallets and pallet trucks?

What to look for when choosing a pallet truck?

What to check before using a pallet truck?

How to use a pallet truck safely?

In a warehouse or industrial environment, it’s important to constantly risk assess tasks as you go to ensure safe and effective working.


You have to move a truck over uneven ground


Get a truck with suspended castors to absorb shock better, keep the truck stable, and make it easily manoeuvrable.


Limited working space


Choose a pallet truck which most closely meets your needs. If you need a truck which has a long reach or high lift, this will make jobs easier to do in the space you have.

Traffic Light System

Using a traffic light system can help avoid any nasty incidents and can be used both inside and outside of the truck. Just as it does when driving on the roads, a green light signifies it’s safe to enter the truck whilst a red light means stop. A system such as this can work wonders if you have multiple pallet trucks loading and unloading the same lorry.

Common Sense

Ultimately it is the operator of a pallet truck who has a large influence on whether on the safety during use. Reckless or negligent operator can lead to accidents which is why it is important to ensure that thorough training is carried out for all uses of, and people who work around, pallet trucks. Through training and educating the people you work with you will not only cut down on accidents but also boost your productivity.

Top Tip:

Make sure that you have procedures in place to run training sessions for new members of the team and update existing employees every year.