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August 24, 2021

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Folding Sack Truck
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How a Folding Sack Truck Will Save You From Back Pain 
July 11, 2021

According to a Labour Force Survey, around 176,000 workers sustained a back injury at work in 2019-20. That accounts for 37% of work-related injuries and a lot of sick days. Therefore, if you want to avoid being a back pain statistic, you need to look a what might make your job easier and safer. If […]

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Platform Trolley
Advice & Tips Industry Focus Product Spotlight
Platform Trolley Comparison – Which One Is Right For Your Workplace?
June 24, 2021

Platform trolleys remain the number #1 piece of lifting and shifting equipment used in professional working environments. They are perfect for warehouses, factories, distribution centres, packing facilities, schools and are ideal for areas where you need to move heavy items on a regular basis. Choosing the best platform trolley for your workplace shouldn’t be a […]

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Heavy Lifting
Advice & Tips Industry Focus Workplace Safety
Sack Trucks: A Simple Solution To Heavy Lifting
June 16, 2021

Sack trucks are essential in schools, supermarkets and demanding working environments where heavy lifting is a daily task. They lighten the load on warehouse operatives and factory workers. While they can help speed up everyday processes in distribution facilities and stock rooms. But what are sack trucks, and why should you invest in them? In […]

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Advice & Tips Product Spotlight
Which Sack Truck Should You Choose?
December 24, 2016

Which Sack Truck Should You Choose?   A sack truck – also known as a dolly, trolley, box cart, sack barrow, bag barrow, box cart… the list goes on – is a useful piece of kit. This L-shaped hand cart has a fulcrum right in the middle, meaning that once it is tilted, even the […]

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