Folding Shelf & Tray Trolleys are an investment for space-restricted working environments such as offices, schools, workshops, retail outlets, and medical environments. Ideal for transporting heavy items and smaller components, they are made from top-quality materials, equipped with ergonomic handles for portability, and they glide on multi-directional wheels to keep you moving in the right direction.

Folding neatly for storage when not in use, our folding basket shelf trolleys, folding shelf trucks, Proplaz folding trolleys, and steel folding tray trolleys are the smart alternative to fixed trolleys that take up valuable floor space. When no longer needed, you can simply fold them away and slot them under the counter, in the store cupboard, or even in the car boot.

Suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential applications, Folding Shelf & Tray Trolleys remove the need for heavy lifting while providing a portable solution for your daily essentials, so why not order yours today.

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