P Handle

Perfectly proportioned, P-Handle Sack Trucks are ideal for transporting stacked goods and taller loads. A popular choice for supermarkets, warehouses, factories, delivery depots, and industrial sites, they feature higher backs than standard sack trucks and have an innovative P-shaped handle to allow greater leverage during transit.

In the Trucks & Trolleys P-Handle Sack Trucks Collection, you’ll find multiple models to suit a wide range of industries and terrains. Our P-Handle Sack Trucks with Pneumatic Wheels are ideal for those working in agricultural environments, while our lightweight Aluminium P-Handle Sack Trucks are perfect for everyday transport in storage facilities and workshops.

Manoeuvrable with just one hand, P-Handle Sack Trucks are easy to navigate across all landscapes, and they can be loaded and unloaded in both vertical and horizontal positions to make life easier. An investment for professional working environments, our P-handle sack trucks are manufactured to strict safety standards and delivered with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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