Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Sack Trucks not only improve workplace productivity, but they can also reduce the risk of lifting-related injuries by providing your workforce with a reliable transportation system. Designed for demanding jobs, our heavy-duty trucks are made from durable materials and equipped with robust wheels and ergonomic handles for improved portability across all terrains.

In the Trucks & Trolleys Heavy-Duty Trucks Collection, you’ll find the latest models by leading manufacturers, with combi stair-climber sack trucks, distribution sack trucks, chair carrier trucks, rough terrain sack trucks, and steel bottle stairway trucks all featuring in our exclusive online range.

An investment for demanding working environments such as warehouses, factories, workshops, agricultural landscapes, and industrial sites, our Heavy Duty Sack Trucks make light work of heavy loads to make life easier. Many models are made right here in the UK, and all meet strict European Safety Standards to keep you and your workforce safe.

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