General Purpose

In the Trucks & Trolleys General Purpose Sack Trucks Collection, you’ll find a variety of transportation solutions for everyday jobs. Suitable for the workplace and the home, these versatile sack trucks are made from premium materials, equipped with ergonomic handles for enhanced manoeuvrability, and fully mobile on large wheels that glide across all terrains.

Ideal for moving items of furniture, stacks of chairs, heavy deliveries, and bulky items, General Purpose Sack Trucks are a practical transportation solution for professional working environments such as factories, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, schools, industrial sites, and just about anywhere else where lifting forms part of the working day.

Loop handled sack trucks, folding toe plate sack trucks, self-supporting sack trucks, and folding sack trucks are all available in our General Purpose Sack Truck range, so why not update your business today and provide your operatives with a premium transport solution to speed up their everyday tasks.

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