In the Trucks & Trolleys Specialist Pallet Trucks Collection, you’ll find a selection of forklift models for specialised pallet work such as long fork pallet trucks, low profile pallet trucks, narrow aisle pallet trucks, reel handling pallet trucks, printers pallet trucks, and rough terrain pallet trucks.

Designed for demanding material handling applications, our Specialist Pallet Trucks are ideal for transporting irregular loads such as half-size pallets, cable drums, reels, horizontal loads, and agricultural machinery across rough terrains.

Perfect for operations in confined areas such as supermarkets, retail outlets, schools, smaller warehouses, and on-board delivery vehicles, Specialist Pallet Trucks are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces thanks to their fingertip controls, and they glide with minimal effort for optimal stability and safety. Browse our collection now and update your business with a specialist pallet truck designed to meet your daily needs.

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