Powered Pallet Trucks

Speed up loading times, unloading times, and daily handling operations with a Powered Pallet Truck by Trucks & Trolleys. Designed for demanding working environments where heavy pallets are moved throughout the working day, these top-of-the-range pallet trucks are fully powered for motorized lifting and transport.

Outfitted with the latest technology for smooth navigation, our Powered Pallet Trucks are made from quality materials, equipped with powerful motors, and designed to make light work of heavy lifting jobs. They remove the need for manual lifting, and therefore reduce the risk of lifting related injuries that can slow down your workforce.

An investment for large warehouses, retail depots, supermarkets, factories, distribution centres, and just about anywhere else where heavy lifting forms part of the working day, our Powered Pallet Trucks support loads of up to 2000kg and include the very latest stability and breaking mechanisms to transform the way you move pallets in the workplace.

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