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We all have our part to play when it comes to tackling the problem of plastic waste. But while every little helps, businesses can make an impact in a much bigger way, and with current estimates suggesting that global plastic production is set to double over the next 20 years, this is more important than […]

We all know the feeling. Monday rolls around all too quickly and the alarm goes off. You consider putting on your best ‘sick’ voice and telling your boss you’re just far too ill to venture in today. But then the guilt hits-for some people anyway. A previous study of 1000 employees and managers by a […]

You’re counting down to your holidays. Two weeks in the sun without a care in the world. This is how it should be, but do you find that you spend at least some of your precious downtime stressing about work? Whether it’s thinking about something you forgot to do, something you didn’t quite finish on […]

In these days of austerity and Brexit, job security is becoming less common, and it seems there’s one more challenge on the horizon for some people – artificial intelligence. Robots can perform tasks faster and more efficiently than a human being, so jobs that are highly-repetitive and that don’t need specialist training might be prone […]

  Look around the UK’s towns and cities now and you’ll see more cyclists than ever before. The legacy of the London Olympic Games, the success achieved by Britain’s Elite cyclists, as well as a desire to be healthier and reduce carbon emissions has led to an upsurge in people leaving the car at home […]

Another Bank Holiday has been and gone, and even if you’re a dedicated worker, you’ll be looking forward to your next break. But since the next Bank Holiday isn’t until August, a good solution to help you stay physically and mentally fresh is to make the most of your breaks throughout your workday. So if […]

The UK’s Top Ten Most Dangerous Industries When you’re looking for a job, you probably don’t consider how safe or not it is (unless you’re a stuntman!), but if you work in any of these industries, you should seriously consider making sure your life insurance is up to date! Counting down from 10, here are […]

Keep Your Classroom Organised With a Book Trolley If you’re a teacher and you mainly teach young children, the chances are you’ll have a story corner or library in the classroom. When everything’s organised it can look very inviting, but when it comes to kids and books, or kids and anything, really, it can be hard […]

14 Weird Workplace Accidents That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud You might think that workplace accidents are no laughing matter, until you see the responses given in a survey carried out by the good people at Office Genie, who asked ‘What’s the weirdest injury you’ve obtained at work?’ Here are some of our favourite […]

Sick Building Syndrome: Is Work Making You Ill? You might have complained about being sick of work, but have you ever been sick because of work? Sick building syndrome isn’t an illness or health condition per se, but it’s a set of health problems that you only experience when you’re in a certain building, like […]

How to Bring the Spirit of Christmas Into Your Workplace It’s a busy time of year for everyone, not just with the family at home but at work too, as the Christmas/end of year rush is in full swing. And it takes its toll on people’s stress levels. Many people feel stressed and anxious or […]

Prepare Your Business for the Christmas Rush Christmas is by far the busiest time of year for many businesses. Black Friday is on the horizon and with more and more big names going out of business, consumer cash is up for grabs among the companies who have survived. This is why it’s so important to […]

5 Things Every Warehouse Needs If you manage a warehouse, you’ll know that time is money, so being efficient is a must. To make sure everything runs like clockwork, you need the right systems in place and the right equipment. Here are 5 things that every warehouse needs: Pallet Racks A pallet racking system will […]

The Top 10 Health and Safety Myths Everyone has their own opinions on health and safety. There’s a sensationalist headline every day about ‘health and safety gone mad’ and some story about the powers that be banning conkers, so that’s why the Health and Safety Executive wanted to set people straight. They’ve published a list […]

How to Make your Business Eco-Friendly While everyone knows that we all have the responsibility to protect the environment, business has more responsibility than most, because most environmental damage is caused by industry. But there are ways that you can make your business more environmentally friendly while saving money in the process. Start by looking […]

Corporate Giants: 10 of the World’s Biggest Factories   An efficient and fit for purpose factory is the key to success for any business, and while it’s true that a factory is a big investment, goods can be made and sold in bulk which really does reduce overall costs. As you might imagine, the biggest […]

How an Ergonomic Workplace Means Healthy Employees and Healthy Profits If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that a healthy workforce means a healthy company and healthy profits. While sickness and injuries do happen, you’d rather that your employees didn’t get sick because of something that happened at work. This costs you time and money […]