Lift Tables

When it comes to lifting and manoeuvring heavy items, Lift Tables are hard to beat. In the Trucks & Trolleys Lift Tables Collection, you’ll find a diverse selection of scissor lift tables, mobile lift tables, and static lift tables with a variety of platform sizes. All our lift tables are made from high-quality materials and meet strict European safety standards.

Scissor lift tables are an essential piece of safety equipment for demanding working environments such as factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and industrial sites. Highly versatile and suitable for lifting loads of up to 1000kg, they are easy to operate, equipped with the latest safety features to prevent lifting injuries in the workplace, and they are designed to make light work of heavy lifting jobs.

Fully mobile on fixed and swivel wheels, our single scissor lift tables and double scissor lift tables make excellent workstations for warehouse operatives who move heavy items across the factory floor. We also stock static lift tables for those who are looking for a semi-permanent lifting solution.

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