Wire Mesh Trucks

For handling, storage, and workplace transportation, Wire Mesh Trucks remain the number #1 choice. At Trucks & Trolleys, we stock Wire Trucks to suit every business, with smaller models for offices, schools, and retail outlets, and larger units for demanding working environments such as factories, warehouses, and garages.

Manufactured from tough metals such as chrome and steel, our Wire Mesh Trolleys are robust, reliable, and designed to transport heavy loads with minimal effort. Many models are customisable with a range of side panels, doors, and lockable lids, and they all come with a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

In the Trucks & Trolleys Wire Mesh Trucks Collection, you’ll find a variety of models and designs to suit every business, including modular mesh trolleys, wire mesh trucks, and lockable wire mesh trucks for transporting valuable or hazardous items. Designed to help reduce the risk of heavy lifting accidents in the workplace, wire mesh trucks are an investment for businesses big and small.

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