Drum & Cylinder Transporters

Move drums, kegs, cylinders, and barrels with ease with a Drum & Cylinder Transporter from Trucks and Trolleys. A modern transportation solution for garages, workshops, factories, manufacturing plants, laboratories, hospitals, and distribution centres, our purpose-made drum transporters are designed to accommodate all cylindrical objects and facilitate their transportation.

In the Trucks & Trolleys Collection, you’ll find Drum & Cylinder Transporters to suit every type of business, including circular drum dollies, drum transporters, keg trolleys, oxygen cylinder trolleys, pallet loading drum trucks, propane cylinder trolleys, universal drum trucks, tandem cylinder trolleys, steel drum transporters, and many more.

All our Drum & Cylinder Transporters are made from premium quality materials, equipped with robust wheels for stress-free navigation, and supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. Whether your transporting hazardous gas, oxygen, or beer, Trucks & Trolleys have you covered.

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