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The Benefits of Stepping Away From Your Desk at Lunchtime
May 28, 2019

Another Bank Holiday has been and gone, and even if you’re a dedicated worker, you’ll be looking forward to your next break. But since the next Bank Holiday isn’t until August, a good solution to help you stay physically and mentally fresh is to make the most of your breaks throughout your workday. So if […]

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Advice & Tips Workplace Safety
Do You Lift More Than You Can Handle at Work?
May 20, 2019

Have you ever gone to lift something at work on your own, knowing that you probably shouldn’t? If you’re short-staffed or need to get something done in a hurry, it’s tempting, but have you considered the possible consequences? Lifting something that’s too heavy can result in musculoskeletal injuries that require time off work. They can […]

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Advice & Tips Workplace Safety
Staying Healthy When You Have a Desk Job
May 6, 2019

We’re told to be as active as we can every day, but given that most of us are chained to a desk for much of the day, we’ve got our work cut out in that department. Or maybe not. Here are some handy tips for staying healthy when you have a desk job. Take a […]

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